Spirit DSP, Russian company is a developer  and supplier of innovation operators’ category software platform for internet –video telephony, announces that "Kazakhtelecom" JSC, the largest Kazakhstan telecom operator organized VKS service on base of Spirit «Video Bridge» for multipoint web-conferences under own brand to its state and corporate clients. Kazakhtelecom JSC offers a wide spectrum of telecommunication services to 4 million subscribers and is one of rapidly growing companies in CIS countries. Taxation authority of Kazakhstan is the fist client of JSC "Kazakhtelecom" with service «Video Bridge”.

Thanks to scale infrastructure renewal, implementation of new services, and work over largest state order – creation of information super main and NGN-network of trunk communication within the country– Kazakhtelecom succeeded in attaining serious results in development of telecommunications in Kazakhstan.

JSC "Kazakhtelecom" – company, that realizes, how it is important to offer new telecommunication services to its clients, such as video conferences. Soft-VKS service allows telecom operator receiving quick profit, reducing clients’ service costs, saving its clients’ base against Skype, Google, Webex and Microsoft and increase loyalty of existing subscribers to operator’s brand when sale of commoditized broadband access service,– says Andrey Sviridenko, chairman of the Board Spirit. –Software product «Video Bridge» allowed JSC "Kazakhtelecom" to rapidly organizing own video conferences service and using it under the brand and its billing system».

«Video Bridge» – is software product for multipoint video conferences via internet, assigned for VKS services under own brand created by telecom operators and SaaS-providers. «Video Bridge” was created on base of video engine Spirit. Software uses scaled codec H.264SVC and broadband voice codec Spirit IP-MRTM (IETF RFC 6262), securing the highest voice and picture quality. Video is good at connection speed from 512 Kb/s, securing picture quality to 30 fps HD 720p. Product supports 1000 simultaneous video channels on one server at cost of 4 thousand USD, reducing telecom operator’s charges in ten times to VKS hardware. Participants of VKS sessions do not need any registration, expensive equipment or special room. All you need for video conferencing with «Video Bridge» –is computer or iPad, internet –connection and web-cam.